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Alien Spaceship Craft

This alien spaceship kids’ craft is outta this world – a fun paper plate craft with a printable template.

So today’s project is an alien spaceship craft.

This craft came about totally by accident, after my kids and I sat down to watch the Shaun the Sheep movie, Farmageddon (for the hundredth time, I should add – it’s so funny).

This plot of this totally brilliant animation revolves around a small alien accidentally landing his flying saucer near Shaun the Sheep’s farm. It goes without saying that much comedy ensues as Shaun and the rest of the gang try to help him get home again.

Having watched the movie, my kids had aliens on the brain. And so, we set about creating our own alien spaceship.

The main part of this craft is nice and simple as it’s just made from a paper plate.

You can find the rest of the spaceship details on the printable template which you can download at the bottom of this post.

I hope you enjoy it!

What you will need:

  • paper plate x 1
  • printable template
  • paint and brushes (black, white and a colour of your choice)
  • scissors
  • markers, colouring pencils or crayons
  • glue stick

How to make this alien craft for kids, step by step:

Step 1

First off, flip your paper plate over so that you can paint on the back of the plate.

Using a pencil, draw a dot in the middle of your plate.

Then draw two straight lines outwards from the dot to the edge of the plate.

Draw your two lines so that the plate is divided into two parts, one slightly larger than the other, like so:

paper plate divided into two sections

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Step 2

Next, paint the larger of the two parts black. This is going to be the space part of the craft.

paper plate with one section painted in black

Once your black paint is dry enough, you can add some stars.

There are a couple of ways you can do this.

Firstly (this is the messier way!), you can put some white paint on a small brush and gently flick white paint from the bristles onto the black (I told you this could get messy…)

Alternatively using the handle end of a smallish paintbrush, dab small white dots onto the black paint.

painting stars in white paint using paintbrush handle

Whichever technique you opt for, put the paper plate aside to dry (you can always speed up this process with a hairdryer should you wish).

Step 3

While the paint is drying on your paper plate, it’s time to turn your attention to the little alien guy or gal driving the spaceship!

First, you’ll want to print off the template

The template has two different versions of the dome of the spaceship – one with an alien and one without.

printable template on table top

Depending how adventurous your child is feeling, they can either decide to colour the alien already drawn, or choose the blank template and draw and colour their own alien.

We coloured our aliens using colouring pencils and markers.

alien for spaceship craft

When it’s coloured in, cut out the dome shape.

Step 4

Now that black paint on your paper plate has dried, you can paint the spaceship part of the plate.

Choose whichever colour paint you want and paint the remaining portion of the plate.

paper plate fully painted for spaceship craft

Step 5

While the paint is drying, cut out four small circles for the front of the flying saucer/space craft as well as the spacecraft feet.

These are included in the template, but you could also just cut these freehand out of coloured cardstock. (For young children, you can just have these parts cut out ready).

Step 6

And now it’s time to put all the different parts together. Use a glue stick to stick the alien picture onto the top of the space craft.

alien in colour

Then glue the four circles onto the front of the flying saucer.

And finally, glue the two legs onto the base of the flying saucer (put glue on the top of each, and glue them on to the back of the plate).

paper plate alien craft for kids

And with that, your alien paper plate craft is done!

Of course, your kids can change up this craft as they wish. My youngest opted for a vibrant blue spaceship, while my eldest decided to draw her own space ship landing on an orange planet, complete with a unique three-eyed alien.

Want to make this alien spaceship at home?

You can find the printable template below!

Want to save this alien spaceship craft idea for a rainy day? Why not pin it?!

paper plate alien craft for kids

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