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‘Build a Barnyard’ Paper Craft

Your child can build a barnyard of their own with this fun printable craft activity

Today’s post is all about building a barnyard (well, at least building one out of paper…). So if your child loves things that are barnyard or farmyard themed, then this craft will be a great fit for them.

This sweet red barn is made from a printable template. Once printed, your child can colour or paint the barnyard, cut out the pieces and then glue it all together.

One of the things I love about this craft is how colourful you can make it.

Where we live, as soon as you drive outside of the city, you start to see lots of these red barns, and we always comment on how bright and fun they look, especially against a blue-sky backdrop.

This ‘build a barnyard’ craft is part of the Barnyard bundle. It’s one of six printable crafts that you can print and make at home with only a few supplies.

Want to know how to build this farm themed craft? Then you’re in luck because here come the instructions.

What you will need

This craft is easy to prep and you’ll only need a couple of supplies for your child to get crafting. They are:

  • glue
  • scissors
  • colouring supplies

Yes, that really is it. (I told you this craft was easy to prep.)

How to build a barnyard, step by step

Step 1

So the first step is to print out the barnyard printable template. It’s two pages long and I would very much recommend printing onto cardstock (doesn’t have to be particularly thick) if possible.

Barnyard printable on table top.

Step 2

This barnyard sure needs some colour.

Using whichever colouring supplies your child likes, colour the different parts of the barnyard.

We used colouring pencils, but crayons would work too.

If your child loves to paint, they could use paint for the big items like the barn and the tree, and then crayons for the more detailed parts.

barnyard craft printable (coloured in) on table top

Step 3

The next stage is to cut all the pieces out.

Younger children may need help with some, or all, of the cutting out.

five different components of barnyard paper craft on table top

One important thing to mention here..

When cutting out, don’t cut off the grey tabs (by the gate and tree). You’ll need these for putting glue on in the next step!

Step 4

Now for the fun part, which is putting everything together.

Start by sticking the door and window on to the barn.

paper red barn with barn door and window glued on

Step 5

Next, attach the tree, gate and horse to the barn.

To do this, put glue on the two grey tabs and then stick these behind the barn.

Make sure the gate is lined up so that it is next to the barn and then press down to stick securely.

barn craft - red barn with gate and horse attached

Step 6

And finally, glue the green bush to the right or the barn door.

Red barn paper craft for kids on wooden table top

And with that, your barnyard is finished.

This craft is one of six crafts in the Barnyard Bundle along with a cow craft, jumping sheep craft, an adorable sheep dog, muddy pig and finally, a rooster with a hand print tail.

You can purchase the bundle over in The Craft Balloon’s Etsy store.

If you like crafts that come with printable templates, we have plenty of others you might like to try, including our fun frog craft, our cheery red crab or our paper plate alien spaceship.

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