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Chick and Egg craft

Egg and chick craft for kids

This simple Chick and Egg craft is a fun one for Easter. Template included.

It’s happening! Yes, the snow is finally melting (woop woop!), which must mean that spring is finally on its way (anyone else counting the days?!)

And with the springtime comes Easter and lots of fun crafts. Think crafts featuring spring flowers, baby animals and Easter eggs.

Today’s craft is a super sweet egg and chick craft.

With a bit of help with the cutting out, this one’s really good for preschoolers as well as older children. And with lots of paint as well as glue and tissue paper, it’s a fun messy craft.

So, read on to find out how to make this cute Easter craft and grab the free template, which is available at the end of the post.

What you’ll need

  • printable template
  • white cardstock
  • small piece of orange paper
  • paint and sponge
  • scissors
  • yellow tissue paper
  • white glue
  • tape
  • wiggly eyes x 2
  • popsicle sticks x 2

How to make your Egg and chick craft, step by step

Step 1

First of all, print out the template.

If possible, print onto cardstock. (It doesn’t have to be super thick cardstock. I tend to use cardstock of weight 176g/m2 and this works well and doesn’t jam my printer).

Egg and chick craft printable template

Step 2

Next, paint the Easter egg. We used a sponge to apply the paint – great fun and very preschooler-friendly.

Egg and chick craft printable and pains

If you use two colours together on the sponge you can get a nice mottled effect.

The good news? Your child doesn’t have to worry about keeping the paint within the lines as the egg will be cut out later.

Painted egg

Step 3

Whilst the paint on the egg is drying, start the chick.

For this step, it helps to have your yellow tissue paper already cut into small squares (about an inch square ish) ready for your child to get sticking.

Chick craft tempate

Spread a generous amount of white glue onto the chick. Scrunch up each small piece of tissue paper and stick onto the chick.

Be generous with the tissue paper and stick it close together so you don’t see any white gaps.

Chick template completed.

Do, however, leave gaps for the eyes and beak.

Step 4

When the chick is covered with tissue paper, it’s time to glue on the wiggly eyes. If you don’t have these, you could just use small circles of black paper or you can just color in the eyes on the template with a black marker.

Chick craft with wiggly eyes.

Step 5

Next, the beak! Fold your small piece of orange paper in half. Draw a small triangle on the paper with the bottom line of the triangle on the fold. Then cut it out, but don’t cut along the fold.

Put glue on the back of the beak and stick it onto the chick. The top part of the beak should be free to open out.

Completed chick with wiggly eyes and beak.

Step 6

Once the egg has dried, cut it out and then cut it into two pieces along the zig-zag line.

Completed egg cut out

Once the glue on the chick has dried, cut the chick out too.

Step 7

And finally, assembling your egg and chick craft!

We found that the best way to stick the chick and egg together was using two popsicle sticks and tape.

First get the chick in the right spot so it’s peaking out of the egg and you can see the eyes and beak. Hold everything in place and turn it over.

On the back, place two popsicle sticks vertically so they span both parts of the egg and the chick. Put tape on the stick to secure it to the egg and chick.

And there you have it! Your finished chick and egg craft, perfect for putting on the wall in the run up to Easter:

Want to make this craft with your children or students?

You can find the template below:

I hope you enjoyed reading about this Easter egg and chick craft. Happy crafting!

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If you liked this craft, why not pin it? Thanks for your help!

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