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Christmas Angel Tree Decoration

A very sweet Christmas angel craft made from our printable template. Colour, assemble, and hang on the tree!

It simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a sweet Christmas angel somewhere on the Christmas tree.

And today, we’re making just that!

This gorgeous Christmas angel decoration is made from our printable template and really doesn’t take long to put together.

Children can make their own decoration to hang on the tree, or to give to a loved one as a homemade gift.

You can find out how to make the Christmas angel, step by step, by reading the instructions below. I hope you like it!

What you will need

  • Colouring supplies (colouring pencils, crayons etc)
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • thin cotton thread (approx 15cm)

How to make a Christmas angel tree decoration

Step 1

Start by printing off the single-page template. You can find it here on Etsy.

If possible, print onto thin card stock rather than paper.

Step 2

Next, add some colour!

We used colouring pencils for our Christmas angel, which work really well for this particular craft.

If your children love to use markers (mine do!), just be aware that markers can make the paper/card curl (with this craft the wings are likely to curl up and not lie flat if you colour with marker).

Step 3

Next, carefully cut out the two parts of the Christmas angel. Very young children will likely need some help with the cutting part. Be sure not to cut the angel’s halo off!

Step 4

Next it’s time to put the Christmas angel together.

Start with the angel’s dress.

Using a pair or scissors and a ruler, score a line down each inside line of the two glue tabs. This will make it easy to fold and you’ll get a nice straight, crisp fold.

Then fold both tabs back, like so:

Step 5

Next, put glue on both of the glue tabs.

Step 6

Attach the angel’s dress to the angel body (glue onto the triangle shape between the two wings).

Align the outside edge of the dress to the outside lines of the triangle shape. This will mean the dress balloons out to make a nice 3D effect.

Press the tabs down firmly.

Your Christmas angel should now look like this:

Step 6

If you want to make your angel into a Christmas tree ornament, there’s one more step to follow.

Thread a short piece of thread (approximately 10 to 15cm long) onto a needle.

Make a hole with the needle in the middle of the angel’s halo, and pull the thread through.

Tie a knot in the thread so that you have a loop.

Your Christmas angel tree decoration is now complete (and ready to hang on the nearest Christmas tree).

Find the Christmas angel template:

Want to make this sweet tree decoration with your children or students?

The template is available to purchase in our Etsy store.

Want to save this Christmas angel craft for later? Why not pin it?

Thanks for stopping by to read about our Christmas angel. Looking for more Christmas crafts with templates? Have you seen our Christmas wreath or our gingerbread house? Or head back to our home page for all our craft offerings.

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