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Christmas Wreath Paper Craft

Make your own gorgeous Christmas wreath, simple to make using our printable template

Well, Christmas is approaching and there’s nothing like the tradition of hanging a wreath on the door to signify that Christmas is on its way!

While you may already have a wreath on your door, today’s craft is a paper wreath that you children can make and display at home (perhaps on their bedroom door).

This festive wreath is beautiful, Christmassy and lots of fun to make.

Children can choose from the decorations included in the template (poinsettia flowers, pine cones, baubles etc), or draw and add their own decorations.

Want to find out how to make this wreath? Here are all the instructions…

What you will need

Not too much is need for this one (and it’s not too messy either!).

You’ll just need:

  • colouring supplies
  • glue stick
  • scissors

How to make your Christmas wreath craft

Step 1

The first step is to print the template.

The template has four pages and I would definitely recommend printing onto thin card stock if possible (especially if you’re painting or using markers as the paper tends to curl).

We printed onto white card stock, but if you want to, you can print the two halves of the wreath onto green paper or card to save colouring these parts.

Step 2

Next, colour all the different parts of the wreath.

We used colouring pencils in our example, but really your child can use whatever they like.

Markers would work well, as well as crayons.

Watercolour paints would also look gorgeous if you have them.

Step 3

Once everything is coloured, it’s time to cut all the pieces out.

Depending on their age, your child might need a little help with the cutting as there is quite a bit to cut out.

Step 4

It’s now time to assemble the wreath.

Start by joining the two halves of the wreath together.

Put glue on the two tabs and then stick the tabs behind the other half of the wreath.

Press down firmly.

Step 5

It’s now time to decorate the wreath.

Start by arranging the larger decorations in the right spots first.

We started with the bow and the poinsettia flowers.

You can either glue these down, or if you want the decorations to stand out a little from the wreath, you can use sticky foam squares.

We stuck these to the back of the poinsettia flowers to help them stand out.

Step 6

And lastly, add the remaining decorations.

You don’t have to use them all. Your child can choose whichever ones they like.

We added candy canes, pine cones and some baubles.

And with that, your Christmas wreath is finished.

These look great displayed on the wall or a door. Add glitter or your own decoration for a personal touch.

Nice and Christmassy, I think you’ll agree.

Where can I find this Christmas wreath template?

The printable template is available to purchase in our Etsy store, along with a whole range of craft templates.

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas wreath post. For more Christmas crafts, check out our selection here.

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