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Easter egg garland

A spot of decorating for Easter? This homemade Easter egg garland is just the thing.

Are your kids looking to decorate your home a little for Easter? Well look no further because I have the perfect activity for you.

Made from a free printable template, this Easter egg garland makes a fun colouring or painting activity for Easter time.

Simply print the template, decorate the eggs, and then cut out and assemble.

Want to see how we made our Easter egg garland? Then check out the step by step instructions below!

What you will need

  • Easter egg garland printable
  • colouring supplies (colouring pencils or paint work well)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • long piece of wool, ribbon or string

How to make your Easter egg garland, step by step

Step 1

First, print the Easter egg garland template.

This template has two pages – one page has a ‘Happy Easter’ egg on it, and the second page has two patterned eggs (one dotty and one zig-zag).

Easter egg garland printable template (two pages)

For the garland pictured above, we printed off one of the Happy Easter eggs, and three copies of the patterned eggs.

This gave us seven eggs in total.

Of course you can print off as many copies of the eggs as you’d like. If you want to make a long garland, print lots!

(If you’re making an Easter garland to decorate a classroom, each child can decorate an egg and then you can string them together to make a nice long garland).

Step 2

Decorate your eggs! Your child can use whatever colouring supplies they like here.

Two page Easter egg garland template with colouring pencils.

We used colouring pencils although this is also a great activity for paint too.

Coloured-in Easter eggs for garland.

Step 3

Next, cut out each egg.

coloured and cut-out Easter eggs for garland.

Step 4

At the top of each egg, punch two holes using a hole punch.

Easter egg with two holes punched at the top.

Step 5

Thread a piece of wool, string or ribbon through the eggs. Space the eggs out evenly along the string so that none of the eggs are overlapping.

Thin ribbon threaded through two holes at the top of the egg.

To keep the eggs in place and to stop them sliding along the string when you hang them, use small pieces of tape to secure the string to the back of each egg.

And with that, your Easter egg garland is finished!

Finished Easter garland hung on wall.

Want to make this home made Easter egg garland with your children?

You can find the template here:

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