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Fun frog craft for kids

Fun frog craft for kids.

Fun frog craft for kids, complete with free template ready to download. Simply paint, cut out and assemble. Ribbet ribbet!

One of our favourite books at the moment is Hoppity Frog by Emma Parrish. This is a GREAT book for young children. It’s a ‘slide-and-seek’ book – on each page, you must move the big sliding panels to try to find the elusive Hoppity frog, who’s playing hide and seek in the water.

Hoppity Frog by Emma Parrish

It’s a really unique book and always a hit with younger members of our household.

So, given that we are all about the frogs at present, we thought we’d roll up our sleeves and have a bash at making our own frogs.

This frog craft for young kids is really simple to make and you can use either paint or, for a less messy option, crayons.

If you want to make your own frog with your kiddos, scroll down to the end of this post to grab the template.

What you will need:

  • frog template (you can find it at the end of the post)
  • paint, pens or crayons
  • sponge/paintbrush (if you’re using paints)
  • scissors
  • glue and tape

How to make your frog craft

Step 1

To start with, print off the template on either paper or thin card stock. (Cardstock works best as sometimes when you paint on paper it can go a bit wrinkly).

Step 2

Next, you’ll want to paint or colour your frog!

We went for paint and used a sponge to apply it.

The good news (especially if you’re doing this craft with a toddler) is that there’s no need to worry about keeping the paint inside the lines, as each of the pieces will be cut out. (In fact, your toddler can enjoy painting the entire piece of paper green if they want – hoorah!)

Painted frog craft template

Step 3

Once the paint has dried, cut out the five frog pieces along the black lines.

Frog craft parts painted and cut out.

Step 4

Next, with a slightly darker green paint, dab some little blobs of paint on the frogs legs and body.

You could use whatever colour you like for the spots, really – some of those tropical frogs sport some pretty bright colours.

Frog craft completed body and legs.

Step 5

When all the paint is dry, go over the eyes and mouth with a black pen or pencil. We also gave the eyes a bit of colour with some yellow.

Next, it’s time to assemble your frog.

Step 6

To assemble, first put the two back legs behind the frog body. We found that taping these onto the back of the frog body worked best.

And finally, glue the two front legs on to the front of the body.

Completed frog craft for kids

And there you have your finished frog!

Pretty sweet, I think you’ll agree.

These look so cool on display on the wall at home or in your homeschool or classroom.

Want to make a frog craft at home with your kids?

You can find the template below:

Frog complete! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this fun frog craft for kids.

If you liked this frog craft, why not pin it? Thanks for your help!

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