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Gingerbread House

It simply wouldn’t be the holidays without gingerbread! So here’s a cute gingerbread paper craft to make a home this Christmas.

One of our favourite things about the holidays is the baking.

And gingerbread is always top of our baking to-do list. Not only does it taste delicious, but I love the warm, rich colour and all the different ways you can decorate it.

Today’s Christmassy craft is inspired by our love of all things gingerbread.

It’s a super sweet gingerbread house paper craft, made from a printable template.

Want to see how to make it? Here’s the ‘how-to’…

What you will need

This one’s nice and simple. All you’ll need is:

  • colouring supplies (colouring pencils, paints, crayons…)
  • glue stick
  • scissors

How to make your gingerbread house

Step 1

Start by printing off the two page printable (it’s available here on Etsy).

If possible, print onto thin cardstock. If not, paper will do just fine.

Step 2

Colour the different parts of the gingerbread house.

We used colouring pencils, but paints, crayons or pastels would also work really well.

The roof part of the gingerbread house can stay white – just colour the round candies along the roof line.

Step 3

Once everything is coloured in, carefully cut out the different parts. (Younger children may want a bit of help with the cutting out here).

Step 4

Next, glue on the door, as well as the circular red and white candy.

You can use a glue stick for this, or you can also use little foam squares. These raise the attached piece a little and create a nice 3D effect.

Step 5

The final step is to add the roof.

Put glue onto the grey ‘glue’ strip at the top of the house.

Press the roof piece down firmly.

And your gingerbread house is complete!

Your children can also add their own extra finishing touches, should they wish. Perhaps some glitter, some jewels, some finger-painted dots.. whatever they like!

Where can I find this gingerbread house craft template?

You can purchase the gingerbread house template in our Etsy store.

I hope you like today’s gingerbread inspired craft! Stay tuned for more Christmas crafts coming your way.

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