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Heart Balloon Valentine’s Day Card

Heart balloon Valentine's Day cards

Heart balloon Valentine’s Day card that your kids can make at home. Layer the hearts with sticky foam squares for a stylish 3D effect. Oh so sweet.

Who doesn’t like making cards for Valentine’s Day? It’s the perfect time of year let your loved ones know you care.

And if your kids want to make a card and you’re looking for ideas, this simple yet striking heart balloon card is a great one.

The good news is that it’s made from a template which makes constructing it so much easier.

Want to find out more? Then read on!

Tell me about this Valentine heart balloon card

This is a simple yet gorgeous home made Valentine card that won’t take you all day to make.

It’s made from a two-page printable template, which can be found over in our Etsy store.

The first page of the template makes the card background with the ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ text. The second page has the three hearts which will be used to create the 3D heart balloon.

You won’t need too many supplies to make the card. Let’s take a look.

What you will need

  • cardstock

(If you’re printing the template in colour ink, you’ll just need 2 x white cardstock. If you’re printing the black ink template you’ll need 1 x white and 2 x coloured cardstock (pinks, reds)

  • sticky foam squares (or glue)
  • black marker
  • scissors

How to make this heart balloon Valentine’s Day card

Step 1

First step is to print the template onto thin cardstock.

There are two different versions of the heart template depending on whether you want to print in colour or black ink.

As alway, our favourite card that we use for pretty much everything is weight 176g/m2. It’s great for crafts, easy to fold, and doesn’t jam your printer.

You have two options when printing out the template:

Option 1:

Print the colour version of the template in colour ink onto white cardstock. You’ll then cut out the coloured hearts and use those to make the balloon.

Option 2:

Print the black ink only template. Print the card background onto white cardstock. Print the heart shapes onto coloured sheet of cardstock (ideally red or pink).

Heart balloon card template - one printed in coloured ink and one in black ink.

Step 2

Cut out the three hearts (let’s call them large, medium and small).

If you’ve printed the three hearts in colour ink, move straight to step 3.

If you’re printing in black ink, you’ll end up with three hearts all of the same colour.

To add a bit of contrast, use the medium heart as a template and draw around it onto another coloured card. Then cut this out.

Use the medium sized heart as a template.

This means you should have the large and small hearts in one colour and the medium heart in another colour like so:

Three hearts of different sizes - the medium heart in a different colour to the small and large.

Step 3

Next it’s time to stick the hearts onto the card background and create a cool 3D effect.

To create the 3D effect we’re using sticky foam squares. These are a staple in our craft box and we use them a lot. (Read more here about what we consider our must-have craft supplies).

They’re basically a small foam square which is sticky on top and bottom. You simply peel off the paper backing and stick on.

On the back of the large heart, stick 3 sticky foam squares in a triangle pattern.

Large heart with three sticky foam squares stuck on.

Turn the heart over and stick it to the white card background, using the grey dotted heart shape as a guide.

Large heart fixed to card background.

Next, do the same thing on the medium heart. Stick this to the large heart using three sticky foam squares.

Large and medium heart stuck to card background.

Finally, stick foam squares to the small heart and attach this to the centre of the medium heart.

All three hearts stuck to card background.

Step 4

With the heart complete, you’ll next fold the card in half along the dotted line.

Heart card folded in half

Step 5

Using a black marker, add a curly line for the balloon string.

Heart balloon card with black line for balloon string.

Step 6

Finally add your message inside the card.

Two completed heart balloon cards

And with that, your heart balloon card is complete!

A sweet Valentine’s Card, sure to bring a smile to someone’s face.

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