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Heart Paper Crown

Heart paper crowns for kids.

Eye-catching heart-themed paper crowns for kids. Fun to make and just as much fun to wear.

Paper crowns. My kiddos love paper crowns because they’re a fun way to add their own personal touch to a dress-up costume (or indeed any outfit – my youngest wore one through dinner the other night).

And for parents, they’re a win too as they’re simple and not too messy to make (hooray for not having the house covered in paint again).

Paper crowns become an even easier craft activity to facilitate when you have a printable crown template that you can just print out and assemble. And that’s where I can help you today.

Today’s craft is a beautiful printable heart paper crown that your child can decorate and make at home.

It’s great for any time of year, but with it’s heart-themed design, it would make a particularly good craft in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Once your child is finished putting their crown together they can even add glitter or stick-on jewels for a bit of extra sparkle. So many possibilities.

So without further do, let me tell you more about today’s heart crown craft and show you how to make it.

What you will need

As kids’ crafts go, this one doesn’t require too many materials.

All you’ll need to make this heart paper crown is:

  • colouring supplies (we used colouring pencils, but you could also use crayons or markers)
  • scissors
  • glue
  • tape

The heart crown printable is included in a colour version (just print and assemble) as well as a black and white version.

Heart paper crown printed templates - both in colour and in black ink

The colour crown is great if you need a ready-to-go crown in a hurry.

With the black and white printable, you can take a bit more time. Your child can have fun choosing their own colours and can really make their crown unique.

How to make this heart paper crown

Step 1

The first step is to print off your heart crown printable. I always recommend printing onto a thin card stock if you can.

Our ‘go-to’ card stock of choice is of weight 176g/m2. We use all the time for crafts. It’s a little thicker than paper but it doesn’t jam the printer, which is kind of crucial.

Step 2

If you’ve chosen the colour template, you can skip this stage and move straight to step 3.

If you’ve printed the black ink template, it’s time for your child to colour the paper crown in whatever colours they want.

We find colouring pencils work really well for the finer details, but your child may also want to use crayons or markers.

Printed heart paper crown template, coloured in using colouring pencils.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about colouring outside the lines too much, as the next step will be to cut everything out.

Step 3

Next, carefully cut out the crown shape, as well as the two side bands. Younger children may need help cutting out the different parts.

Heart paper crown - front piece and two side bands.

Step 4

Now it’s time to put the crown together.

On each of the side bands of the crown, fold the glue tab along the dotted line. Fold so the glue tab is folded away from the heart pictures.

Side band of heart crown, folded along dotted line, away from the patterned side.

Step 5

With the heart pattern facing outwards, glue each of the side bands onto the back of the crown, one on each side.

Side band glued onto front panel of crown

Step 6

The last stage is to fit the crown to your child’s head.

Join the two bands together at the back of the head so the bands overlap. Trim the bands if they’re very long.

Use tape to secure the two ends of the bands together. We find tape best for this so that you can cut the tape and readjust if need be (with glue, if you try to readjust, it tends to the take the picture off too).

Back view of finished crown. Side bands overlap and joined together with tape.

And your crown is complete!

Finished heart paper crown made from template.

These crowns make a great rainy day or snow day activity. They’re also a really fun craft for a child’s birthday party (especially a princess party!).

You can find the printable for this heart paper crown here in our Etsy store.

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