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Muddy pig craft

Yes, this adorable pig is muddy, but oh so happy! A fun farm-themed paper craft for little ones (with plenty of opportunities to get painty).

Today I have for you a craft from our Barnyard Bundle. It’s a sweet, smiley pig enjoying a good old wallow in some mud.

This is a great craft for part of a farm or animal theme, and is always popular with younger children due to the chance to make the pig really muddy (and in the process get themselves really painty…)

This kids’ craft is simple to prep as it’s made from a printable template. You’ll need only minimal supplies – such as card, colouring supplies, and of course some brown paint for the mud.

If you want to make your own pig, the step by step instructions are coming right up.

What you will need:

  • card stock
  • colouring supplies
  • brown paint
  • sponge
  • scissors
  • glue

How to make your muddy pig craft, step by step

Step 1

So the first step is to print off the two-page muddy pig template.

If you have it, print the page with the pig a tail onto pink card. If not, print onto white and we will colour the pig pink later.

As always, I recommend printing onto cardstock rather than paper. (Paper will go wrinkly once it’s painted, carstock less so).

Our card stock of choice is of weight 176g/m2. It’s thin cardstock but thicker than paper and it folds easily and holds up really well (plus it doesn’t jam the printer).

pig and mud puddle template printed out

Step 2

The next step is to colour the pig’s body and the tail strip.

Your child can choose whichever colouring supplied they like for this. We used colouring pencils, but paint would work too. If painting, let the pink paint dry before you add the mud splodges.

pig printable with pig and tail coloured in pink

Then carefully cut out both the pig’s body and the tail strip. Depending on your child’s age and scissor skills, you may want to cut the pig’s body out for them.

Step 3

Next, it’s time to move on to the mud puddle.

Paint the puddle brown before setting it aside to dry.

Once dry, cut out the puddle.

mud puddle, painted with brown pain and cut out

Step 4

Now, it really wouldn’t be a pig without a curly tail, right?

Wrap the paper tail strip tightly around the end of a pencil. Hold for a few seconds and then slide the strip sideways off the end of the pencil.

wrapping paper strip around end of pencil to make curly pig tail

Step 5

With all the parts complete, your child will next need to assemble their pig and add the mud.

Put glue on one end of the curly tail and stick behind the pig’s body.

Next (this is the best bit!), using a sponge, add paint splodges to make the pig look muddy.

assembled pig with curly tail and brown paint splodges

Step 6

Once all the brown paint on the pig and on the mud puddle is dry, glue the pig onto the mud puddle (or tape would work equally well).

finished pig in mud craft

And with that, your muddy pig is finished!

If you want to get your child started with this sweet muddy pig, the template is included as part of our Barnyard Bundle. In addition to the pig craft, the bundle also includes printable craft templates for our cow craft, rooster, jumping sheep craft, ‘build a barn’ craft and sheep dog.

They’re all low prep and require only minimal supplies.

Barnyard craft bundle for kids - sheep, cow, rooster, barn, pig and sheepdog paper crafts

Want to save this muddy pig craft for later? Then why not pin it?

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