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Paper bee craft


This sweet paper bee craft, great for preschoolers, comes complete with printable template.

Well, it’s official. Summer is here at last.

The flowers are out and so are the insects. And particularly the bees. They love the pink roses in our yard, so we’ve been seeing a lot of our bee friends of late.

As we were stood there watching the bees the other day, my kids were surprised how furry they are. And so this week’s craft is a paper bee craft. Although our paper craft bees aren’t exactly furry, we did try to give them some exciting texture in a papery sort of way.

So, without further ado, here is our paper bee craft complete with free template and instructions on how to make it.

This activity is great for preschoolers and is particularly good for practicing scissor skills (and therefore those fine motor skills). Hoorah!

What you will need

  • bee template (you can find it at the end of this post)
  • yellow and black construction paper
  • white cardstock x 1
  • tin foil
  • black marker
  • glue
  • tape

How to make your paper bee craft

Step 1

First print off the bee template.

Print the body of the bee onto yellow paper. Print the page with the wings and eyes onto white cardstock.

Step 2

Cut out all the shapes on the template.

Step 3

Next, cut 5 strips of paper for the bee’s stripes about 1.5 inches wide. You may want to have these cut in advance. You will need 3 black strips and 2 yellow strips.

Using scissors, snip the paper along the strip, making sure not to cut all the way across the paper.

Step 4

Once you have cut all the strips of paper, you’re read to glue!

Start with a black strip and stick it down at the end of the bee’s body. (Put a line of white glue along the long edge of the strip only!).

Next, stick a yellow strip, overlapping slightly. Continue until you have stuck down all 5 strips.

When the glue has dried, turn the bee body over and trim around the oval shape, cutting off any excess paper.

Step 5

Next, draw a black dot onto each of the white circles. Glue the two eyes onto the bee’s face.

Your child can even add a smile too!

Step 6

Time for the wings!

Lay one of the wing template pieces on top of a piece of tin foil, slightly larger than the wing shape.

Fold the tin foil over the edges, all the way around the wing.

When turned over, you should have a nice shiny tin foil wing.

Repeat this for the other wing.

Step 7

To attach the wings to the back of the bee’s body, we found tape to be the easiest option.

Arrange the two wings in the right position and then turn the whole bee over and secure the wings onto the back of the body with lots of tape.

And with that, your bee is finished!

Finished paper bee craft

I hope you enjoyed this bumble bee craft! Thanks for reading.

Grab your bee template here!

And there you have it! A cheery papery bumble bee craft, perfect for the spring or summer!

If you liked this bee craft, why not pin it? Thanks for your help!


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