Paper Fortune Teller

Paper fortune teller

Fortune tellers! Remember these? Here’s a quick reminder of how to make one.

So this one’s a bit of a blast from the past!

Do you remember making paper fortune tellers as a kid? I do, but I’d forgotten all about them until someone mentioned them to me recently.

We made fortune tellers at the weekend and I amazed myself by being able to remember how to make one. (This probably explains why I can’t retain simple useful information like what we need from the store – my head is instead apparently filled with not-souseful information like how to make a fortune teller).

If you’ve forgotten how to make a paper fortune teller, instructions are below.

Paper fortune tellers make a great rainy day activity as not only do your kids get to enjoy making them, they also have lots of fun afterwards, asking everyone they can possibly find if they’d like to know their fortune.

All good fun.

But first, what exactly is a paper fortune teller?

What you will need to make a paper fortune teller

  • sheet of paper (letter size or A4 works well although you’ll need to cut it down to a square shape)
  • coloured markers

Paper Fortune Teller – Step-by-step instructions

Step 1

First, you’ll need to turn your rectangular piece of paper into a square (if your paper is already a square, skip ahead to step 2).

To do this, fold one of the bottom corners diagonally until it meets the edge of the paper like so:

Then fold over the excess paper at the top and open out.

Cut along the horizontal crease you’ve just made…

You are now left with a square:

Step 2

Fold your square piece of paper corner to corner and make a diagonal crease.

Open out your paper and then fold the other way, again corner to corner, to make another diagonal crease in the other direction.

Then open out the paper.

Step 3

Fold one corner of your square paper into the middle where the two diagonal creases meet.

Then repeat with the other 3 corners until it looks like this:

Step 4

Turn over your piece of paper.

Once again, fold each corner of your square into the middle point (just like you did in the last step).

It should then look like this:

Step 5

Turn over your fortune teller and you’ll see four squares. This is where your four colours will go.

Step 6

Next you need to write your numbers. Turn over your fortune teller. On each of the 8 small triangles, write a different number. We used numbers 1 to 8 like so:

Back of fortune teller with numbers 1 to 8 on

Step 7

It’s time to write your fortunes! This is the fun bit. Lift up each flap, and on the underneath side, write your fortunes. There should be one fortune under each number.

Two fortunes written on paper fortune teller

Once you’ve written all your fortunes, your fortune teller is ready to use!

Turn your fortune teller over and, with both hands, pinch underneath with your thumbs and index fingers.

And you’re done!

Finished paper fortune teller.

And that’s how to make a paper fortune teller. Time to get reading some family members’ fortunes.. Thanks for reading!

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