Paper plate crafts are the best! Why?  Because with just one pack of inexpensive plates your child can make a bunch of different crafts.

By using paper plates, it eliminates the need for you to be trying to draw and cut out a circle yourself (how hard is it to draw a perfect circle?!).  Paper plates are also brilliant because they don’t go soggy or wrinkly once they’re painted (like paper so often does).

Paper plate crafts tend to be quick and relatively simple and so lend themselves to young children who like to craft but don’t have time to spare (read that as can’t sit still for longer than a few minutes).

So, here are all our paper plate craft for your to choose from. I hope you find something that your child will enjoy making at home.

Paper Plate Owl

One cool and colourful paper plate owl with cupcake liner eyes and paper plate body.
Simple, fun and great for little ones.

paper plate alien craft for kids

Alien Spaceship Craft

Make your own alien spaceship out of a paper plate and the printable template included.
It's out of this world!

Completed paper plate cat craft

Paper Plate Curled Up Cat

A great craft for kids who are cat lovers, this cute cat can be made from one paper plate and a piece of card.

finished paper plate pig

Paper Plate Pig

This perky pig is a super simple one for young children. And who doesn't love a curly pipe cleaner tail?! Easy to make from things you likely already have at home.

Paper Plate Swimming Mermaid

This mermaid swims across the ocean thanks to a cunning mechanism made with two popsicle sticks and a pipe cleaner. Intrigued? Click to read more.


Paper Plate Donkey

Who doesn't love donkeys?
Recreate this sweet donkey's face using one paper plate and the printable template included in the post.


Paper Plate Moose

This paper plate moose is full of character.
(Plus he had hand-print antlers too!)

Paper Plate Coconut Tree

In the market for a summery craft? Then this coconut tree may well be just the thing.