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Paper plate curled-up cat

Paper plate cat craft for kids

If cats are popular in your home, this fun paper plate cat will be the purrrr-fect craft for you.

Growing up, I had a cat.

One thing I remember being impressed by was how tidy our cat was, from how she cleaned her paws until they were spotless, to the way she slept – perfectly curled up, neat and tidy, in a ball.

And that’s where the inspiration for today’s craft comes from.

Today’s craft is a curled up cat (probably snoozing on a comfy sofa or by a nice warm fire).

This sleepy cat is part of our paper plate craft series so, (yes, you guessed it!), you will need a paper plate to make it.

If you want to make this paper plate cat at home with your child, do check out the step by step instructions below.

Cats are very popular in our house, so this cat craft went down well. I hope your child enjoys it too.

What you will need

  • paper plate
  • paint
  • cardstock
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors

Step 1

First things first, your child will want to decide what colour to paint their cat. We went for a gingery orange colour.

Paper plate painted oranage

Paint your paper plate with your chosen colour. Using the same colour paint, paint your piece of cardstock as well (this will be used later on for the cat’s head).

For this craft we used acrylic paints as we find these cover the paper plates pretty well. We did two thin coats.

For the paint, do make sure whatever you’re using is child-friendly and non toxic, particularly if you have young children making this craft.

Let the paint dry (ours took about 10 minutes to be fully dry).

Step 2

On the paper plate, draw a line two-thirds of the way down the plate like so:

Paper plate with pencil line marked on

Cut along the line so you have two pieces.

Step 3

Take the small piece of the paper plate that you have just cut off the bottom – this will become the cat’s tail and paws.

Cut along the already curved edge to create the cat’s tail like so:

Cat's tail from a piece of paper plate

With the remaining piece of paper plate, cut a piece for the two front paws and another for the cat’s back leg.

Step 4

Put glue on the end of the cat’s tail and stick onto the cat’s body on the left side of the plate.

Next, put a thin layer of glue on the bottom edge of the paper plate on the right-hand side. Stick on the cat’s front paws. (Glue the paws onto the flat part of the plate, before the edge of the plate curls up).

Paper plate cat's body with tail and front paws attached

Next stick on the cat’s back leg, in between the tail and the front paws.

Step 5

Next it’s time to make the cat’s head. On the cardstock that you have painted, draw a simple head shape with two pointed ears.

Cat face drawn on cardstock

Our cat head is about 15cm wide and 12cm tall (including the ears).

Cut out the head shape you have drawn.

Cat's face cut out

Step 6

With markers, add some final details to your cat. We added a face, details on the paws, and stripes on the cat’s head, back and tail.

Step 7

And then the final step, which is to attach the cat’s head.

To give it a little bit of a 3D effect, we glued the cat’s head onto the raised edge of the paper plate so it sits away from the main body.

We used a glue stick, which worked just fine.

Completed paper plate cat craft

And your paper plate cat is done! All curled up and ready to snooze.

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Thanks for stopping by The Craft Balloon! I hope you enjoyed reading about our paper plate cat craft. Until next time!

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