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Paper plate owl craft


A colourful paper plate owl – what a hoot! Simple for little ones and fun for all.

We have a local neighbourhood owl.

It was out the other night, hooting away very loudly somewhere near our window around midnight.

Not only was that owl the hot topic around the breakfast table the next morning, but it also provided the idea for today’s craft: a paper plate owl.

This owl craft is a great for preschoolers. You can have the smaller fiddly parts cut out ready and they just can paint, cut the wings and glue it all together.

These owls are great for displaying on the wall, especially if you have a few together in different colours.

Fancy helping your child making an owl? Here’s how.

What you will need


  • paper plate x 1
  • cupcake liner x 2
  • coloured paper of your choice
  • paint (in the same colour as your paper)
  • yellow paper


  • black marker
  • scissors
  • glue

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How to make a your paper plate owl, step by step

Step 1

First of all, you’ll want to get going painting your paper plate.

Your child can paint their owl whatever colour they choose. We went for purple (for no particular reason whatsoever). If you want the owl’s wings to match its body, choose a paint colour that you have a matching paper for.

You’ll probably find that your plate needs two coats so that you have a good solid colour.

Step 2

While the painted paper plate is drying, it’s time to start the wings.

On your coloured paper, draw and cut out two simple wing shapes like so:

Your child can do their own cutting here. We want the wings to look a bit ‘feathery’ so they don’t need to be smooth or look exactly the same as each other.

Next we added a few cuts to the end of the wings to make them looks a bit feathery.

Step 3

On the yellow paper, draw a triangle shape for the beak and two simple feet. Then cut these out.

(With young children, you may want to draw and cut these parts out before starting the craft as the feet in particular may prove a bit tricky for little ones to cut out.)

Step 4

Next it’s time to start assembling your owl. Woot woot!

Start with the eyes by gluing two cupcake liners onto your paper plate like so:

You only want to glue the base of the liner to the plate – leave the crinkled sides loose so they come away from the plate.

Next glue on the beak and the two feet using white glue:

To glue the feet, put glue at the top of the two card pieces and then glue them on to the back of the plate.

Step 5

With a black marker or sharpie, draw two black circles inside the cupcake liners to make the owl’s pupils.

Add a few feathery details to the body of the owl too like so:

Step 6

Next, glue on the wings. Put a line of white glue along the top inside edge of each wing.

Then attach the wings, by gluing the wings behind the plate along the rim.

The only thing left now is to add two small triangular ears, if you want, and then your owl is complete:

And there you have it! One cool, colourful (and most importantly, quiet) owl!

I hope your child has fun with this owl craft. Thanks for reading!

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