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Pop-up Easter chick card

An adorable and super simple pop-up card for Easter time.

This sweet chick Easter card is so fun to make.

In fact these cards are so fun that my kids were almost late for school last week because they got completely engrossed in making pop-up cards after breakfast.

The pop-out part of these cards are very simple and you can use this technique to make your card with whatever bird theme you would like. (Today we have a chick card, but we’ve also done these cards with a penguin theme – penguins are very popular in this house).

And so, if you’re looking for an Easter card idea to make with your kids (or students) this spring, here’s how to make a sweet Easter chick card with pop-out beak.

What you will need

  • 1 x letter sized paper
  • scissors
  • colouring supplies
  • 1 x construction paper (slightly bigger than the letter size paper)
  • glue stick
  • 1 small square of orange paper

How to make your pop up Easter chick card, step by step

Check out our quick video below!

Step 1

Start by folding your piece of letter size paper in half like so:

letter size paper folded in half

Step 2

Halfway along the crease of the paper, make one cut with scissors, approximately 2cm in length.

folded paper with one cut approx 2cm in length.

Step 3

Where you have made the cut, take the two pieces and fold the two corners away like so:

two folds for pop up beak

Turn the paper over and fold back the other way and make a crease. It’s important that the paper folds both ways easily.

Step 5

Open out your paper so that it looks like this:

Paper with cut opened out.

Next, hook your finger in the beak from the front and gently pull towards you whilst also gently folding the paper back in half again (I recommend watching the video for this part as it’s much easier to show you than to describe it!).

Press down and make a crease where the beak is newly folded.

Step 6

When you open out the paper, the beak should look like this:

pop out beak for Easter chick card

Step 7

The next step is to draw your fuzzy chick.

Colour the beak orange.

chick drawn around pop up beak.

Step 8

Next take the orange square of paper and fold it in half.

folded white paper and small folded square of orange paper

Before you glue your pop-out Easter chick onto the coloured backing paper, glue it behind the beak.

orange square glued behind pop out beak

Now, when the chick opens its beak you’ll see orange, instead of the backing paper.

Step 9

Glue the back of the white paper on both halves and stick onto your backing paper. If your backing paper is a little larger than the white paper you’ll get a nice border.

Easter chick with purple backing paper

Step 10

Finally, add some decoration to the front of the card and add your message inside!

We added a ‘cheep cheep’ speech bubble to the front our our card to give a little clue as to who’s inside.

'cheep cheep' speech bubble glued onto front of card

And with that, your pop-up Easter chick card is complete.

finished Easter chick card with pop up beak

I hope your children love making these cards. A lot of fun was had with them in our house.

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