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Rooster craft


A fun paper rooster craft. Oh so colourful and great as part of a farmyard theme.

Today, we’re talking roosters.

I always forget how crazy colourful roosters can be until I see one up close.

Yes, they may be noisy, but they really are quite spectacularly colourful and feathery when you see them.

This particular rooster craft is made from a printable template, which is available in our Etsy store. It’s also available as part of our Barnyard Bundle.

Want to learn more about this rooster craft? Then let me give you a sneak peak.

Tell me about this rooster craft

This paper rooster craft is simple to make thanks to a two page printable template.

Whilst you can use any colouring supplies to colour the rooster, this is a great craft for paint as it’s nice and big, plus it’s fun to blend colours with the paint.

Another fun thing about this craft is that you have a couple of options when it comes to the rooster’s tail. While a tail is included on the template for you to use, another option is for your child to make and cut out a hand print tail (because it’s always super fun getting hands in the paint, right?!)

You really don’t need much in the way of supplies to get started with this rooster. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.

What you will need

  • paint and paintbrush
  • scissors
  • glue
  • pipe cleaner x 1 (optional)

How to make your paper rooster craft, step by step

Step 1

First of all, you’ll want to print off the template.

rooster craft printable template

The template is two pages, and if you can, I would recommend printing onto thin cardstock rather than paper.

Step 2

The next stage is to paint your rooster. You can of course use other colouring supplies (markers, crayons etc), but this craft is big enough that it’s fun one to paint. Plus, it means you can have fun blending the colours too.

Before your child sets about painting, it’s really worth googling a rooster and taking a good look at all the different colours they have on them. My kids were really quite amazed by the range of coloured feathers (actually I was quite amazed too…).

We used a brush to apply the paint and then added a bit of texture with a sponge at the end. This is also a great way to blend lots of different colours.

Once your child is finished painting, set aside the page to dry.

painted rooster template

Step 3

Once the paint is dry, cut out the different parts of the rooster. If your child is young and still working on their scissor skills, you may want to cut the rooster out for them.

rooster craft, painted and cut out, ready to assemble

Step 4

Next, it’s time to start assembling your rooster.

First, attach both legs to the back of the rooster with tape.

rooster craft template: body and feet

Step 5

And finally attach the rooster’s tail. Glue or tape the tail to the back of the rooster’s body.


Handprint tail

As an alternative to the printed tail on the template, why not get painty and use a handprint as the rooster’s tail?

This is a great option for younger children you like to get painty!

rooster craft with handprint tail

Ready to make your rooster?

If you want to get your child started with this rooster craft, you’ll find our printable rooster template over in our Etsy store.

Save big and buy the bundle!

Even better, you can snag this rooster template as part of our Barnyard Bundle. In addition to the rooster, the bundle includes printable templates for our cow craft, sheep dog, jumping sheep craft, ‘build a barn’ craft and muddy pig.

They’re all low prep and require only minimal supplies.

Barnyard craft bundle for kids - sheep, cow, rooster, barn, pig and sheepdog paper crafts

Want to save this rooster craft for later? Then why not pin it?

We have lots more crafts with templates for you to browse, including our frog craft, snail and crab.

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