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Shamrock collage

Use paper or pages from magazines to create this pretty shamrock collage for St. Patrick’s Day.

What you will need

  • Shamrock printable template
  • old magazine pages and/or scraps of green paper
  • glue
  • scissors
shamrock printable template, glue and magazine pages

How to make this shamrock collage, step by step

Step 1

First print out the shamrock template.

You can find the printable shamrock at the end of this post!

shamrock collage printable

If you can, print onto thin cardstock rather than paper.

Step 2

Cut out the shamrock shape and cover with lots of glue.

We use white glue for our collages but if you don’t have white glue you could use a glue stick.

shamrock printable cut out and with glue on.

Step 3

Tear small pieces of magazine or scrap paper in shades of green. We used a gardening magazine as this had plenty of green images inside!

Glue onto the shamrock, overlapping the pieces of paper slightly so that you don’t see the cardstock underneath.

Fill in any white gaps with extra pieces of paper.

torn green pieces of paper glued to shamrock printable

Step 4

Once the whole shamrock shape is covered and looking nice and green, turn the shamrock over and trim any pieces of paper that have snuck over the edge.

back of shamrock craft with overlapping pieces to trim.

And your shamrock is complete!

shamrock craft for kids

Displaying your shamrocks

These look great displayed on the wall once finished!

A great way to display them is to use hole punch to make a hole in the top. Tie a piece of string through so you can hang them from the ceiling.

Alternatively, if you’re making these with a class of children in school or daycare, they look great displayed around the bulletin board or even the door!

Collage alternatives

Not wanting to create a collage? Your child could use this same printable shamrock outline for colouring, finger painting or decorating however they would like!

Grab your shamrock printable:

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