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Sheep dog craft

sheep dog paper craft for kids

This sweet sheep dog, made from a printable template, looks full of energy and ready to herd some sheep!

I must admit to being a real fan of sheepdogs, so this particular craft is one of my favourites.

This craft was inspired by a photo of our own dog as young pup. The snap was taken a few years back when we were unloading our car. Our dog, who was in the backyard, jumped up to peek over the fence to see where we had gone and what we were doing. It’s one of my favourite photos.

This paper craft is a great low prep craft for kids and especially nice for those that love dogs. It’s also a great craft if you’re doing a farm theme with your at home with your kids or perhaps with your students.

It is part of our Barnyard Bundle and is made from a single-page printable.

Want to see how to make it? Then keep reading below.

What you will need

  • scissors
  • glue
  • colouring supplies

How to make your sheep dog craft, step by step

Step 1

First of all, print off the sheep dog printable.

I always recommend printing off onto thin card stock rather than paper if possible.

printable template, printed on cardstock

Step 2

Next, it’s time to colour. You can use whichever colouring supplies you have, or whatever your child’s favourite is.

We used colouring pencils, but markers or crayons would work too.

sheep dog printable (coloured in)

Whilst your child can, of course, use whichever colours they want, we went for black with a white front, white paws and that gorgeous white stripe down the nose.

This meant actually leaving a couple of parts white – the dog’s front and paws. And on the nose part, we left it white except for the actual nose (which we did black) and the tongue (pink).

Step 3

Cut out all the different parts of the sheep dog craft.

Young children will need some help with the cutting.

printable after cutting out

Step 4

Now for assembling the sheep dog.

Start by gluing the dog’s white front onto the body. Align the two pieces so that the bottom edges are level.

sheep dog craft body and front

Step 5

Next, glue on the dog’s nose. Align the top of the nose strip with the top of the dog’s head. It’s actually starting to look a bit more like a dog now, right?

sheep dog body, front and nose

Step 6

Next, put a line of glue along the bottom edge of the dog (on the front), and glue the dog to the back of the wall.

Overlap the two pieces by about a quarter of an inch (you need enough overlap so the two parts actually stick together).

dog and wall pieces with half inch overlap

Lastly glue on the two paws. Place each paw so that half is on the wall and half is above the wall.

finished dog paper sheep dog

And your sheep dog craft is complete!

This dog craft looks lovely as it is, but you can also mount it on paper or cardstock too. The choice is yours.

If you want to get your child started with this paper sheepdog craft, you’ll find it as part of our Barnyard Bundle. In addition to the sheepdog, you’ll also find printable craft templates for our cow craft, rooster, jumping sheep craft, ‘build a barn’ craft and muddy pig.

They’re all low prep and require only minimal supplies.

Barnyard craft bundle for kids - sheep, cow, rooster, barn, pig and sheepdog paper crafts

Want to save this craft for later? Why not pin it!

sheep dog paper craft for kids

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