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Sunshine Pop-up Card

Finished sunshine pop up card

This fun, sunshine pop-up card is easy to make thanks to our free template. Great for Mother’s Day.

Show me a mom who doesn’t love a homemade card on Mother’s Day (I know I do).

And what’s better than a homemade card? A pop-up home made card, no less.

Today’s post features a sweet sunshine pop-up card. It’s a great option for Mother’s Day, with its sweet “You bring me sunshine” message.

The pop-up mechanism is simple to make and we’ll show you how in the step by step instructions below.

To make this same card you’ll need the sunshine picture template which is available at the end of the post.

Want to see how we made it? Then keep on reading…

What you will need

  • sun template printed onto letter size card stock or paper
  • one addition sheet of letter size paper or cardstock
  • one sheet of sugar paper (or any coloured paper slightly larger than letter size)
  • glue
  • colouring supplies
  • scissors
sunshine template, letter sized card stock and sugar paper

How to make this sunshine pop-up card

Step 1

First, print off the sunshine and clouds picture onto thin card stock and colour it in. We used colouring pencils but crayons or markers would work too.

Coloured in sunshine template for pop up card

Once you’ve coloured the sun in, cut it out.

Cut out sunshine template for pop up card

Step 2

The next step is to make the card itself with the simple pop-up mechanism.

To do this, first fold your white piece of letter sized card stock or paper into half.

Turn your paper so that the crease is along the bottom and then draw two vertical lines, approximately 4cm long from the creased edge.

Our two lines below are approximately 5cm (although this doesn’t really matter, as long as the gap between the two lines isn’t wider than the sunshine picture).

letter sized paper folded in half with two 4cm vertical lines drawn from the crease upwards

Step 3

Make two cuts with scissors along the two lines.

Then, fold the paper upwards like so:

letter sized paper with two cuts and tab folded upwards

Fold this tab of paper back the other way as well.

Step 4

Open your piece of cardstock out again.

Hook your finger to pull the centre tab of paper outwards whilst you fold the paper down once more.

When you open it out again it should look like this:

Pop up mechanism for sunshine mother's day card

Step 5

With our pop-out mechanism ready, we added some colour to our backdrop with a blue sky and some clouds.

We kept it pretty simple here, but your child can get really creative with the backdrop if they would like with whatever design and colours spark their imagination.

Pop up card with cloud and sky backdrop

Step 6

Next, attach the sun picture to the front face of the pop-up mechanism.

Use a glue stick and make sure the bottom edge of the sunshine and clouds is flush to the base.

Sunshine pop up card ready for message to be written

This is the picture of what it looks like from the top (so you can see how it’s attached).

Sunshine pop up card top view

Step 7

And finally the last step is to add your message.

We’ve added a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ message, but this card is really great for lots of different occasions.

And with that your sunshine pop-up card is done, and should look something like this:

Completed sunshine pop up mother's day card with "you bring me sunshine" message written on

Do your kids/grandchildren/students want to make this sunshine pop-up card at home?

You can get the template here!

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Or for more sunny, summery crafts, take a look at our crab craft or our butterfly paper crowns.

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